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KDLY/KOVE » Local News » Bicyclist dies after being struck by a vehicle in Riverton

Bicyclist dies after being struck by a vehicle in Riverton

(RIVERTON)   30-year-old Michael Sniffin of Lander has been arrested for vehicular homicide, and charged additionally with aggravated assault and DUI in connection with a deadly accident Tuesday night in Riverton that killed a bicyclist.

Sniffin was driving a 2001 Chevy Suburban that struck and killed 50-year-old Todd Scofield of Riverton on his bicycle Tuesday night onSouth Federal Boulevardjust after 8pm.

Riverton Police said Sniffin was under the influence of illegal drugs.

Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan said Scofield died a short time after the accident from trauma to the head and chest.

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2 Responses to "Bicyclist dies after being struck by a vehicle in Riverton"

  1. mario says:

    i say lifetime in prison for the drunken and pothead moron

  2. elk lover says:

    My husband was driving in front of the car that hit this poor man on his birthday and changed lanes as we always do when passing anyone on a bike, be it a kid or adult. He didn’t know that the rider was hit until he came back from picking up our son and was returning home when he saw the emt’s working on the rider and wondered if he would survive this wreck. I am so totally disgusted that people drink and then get behind the wheel. That could have been one of my loved ones or my kid. I wonder how we will ever stop this senseless nonsense!! These people have no regard for anyone but their own selfishness and don’t seem to be able to rehabiltate as witnessed by their numerous convictions for the same thing! I hope they throw the book at the drunken slob that killed this man and damaged this family. Rest in Peace Mr. Scofield.

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