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KDLY/KOVE » Local News » News flash: Lander City Council bans fireworks

News flash: Lander City Council bans fireworks

NEWS FLASH:  The Lander City Council of Friday (June 29, 2012) in a special meeting declared that fireworks are not permitted this Fourth of July. 

Lander City Council says no lawn watering until after the 4th of July.

The annual Fireworks program at the end of the rodeo is cancelled.

Officials with the Wind River Reservation, State lands, Fremont County, Federal:  No fires, no fireworks.

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6 Responses to "News flash: Lander City Council bans fireworks"

  1. Lyle bingaman says:

    Is the Dr. Bills fireworks on or off ?

  2. Missie says:

    I think banning fireworks this year was a good idea. My kids are bumbed but its for the better. I’m glad to hear the Lander Rural fire department has canceled theres and The same with Dr. Bills. Homes I feel are more important then fireworks. I wish some people would see that point. I understand that the 4th is a big holiday for all of us but we can still celebrate and have fun without fireworks.

  3. Jane says:

    I just wanted to say that fireworks have not offically been banned in the county. The county commissioners dont meet until July 2nd at noon. That is when it will be offically be banned or not. They have been banned in lander but are not out of city limits. I think that it would also be a serious injustice to people if the bills family gets granted the right to have their show and not everybody. I understand why they are banning them but if it is because of the heat and water shortage then y no matter where you drive sprinklers are on, people washing there cars, using water carelessly. THE FIRE DEPT. USING WATER TO FILL ORANGE BARRIERS FOR A STREET DANCE. Really use something else. The water shortage was the first concern of lander not fireworks. I don’t see many people or businesses caring about the water shortage, but for those people that rely on the sale of fireworks for there livlyhood it is a very serious matter. I feel for those business owners. Now we will have more people being careless with their fireworks for fear of being caught. Lander residents have always proven to be quite saftey cautious when it comes to fireworks. I have heard of more incidents involving alcohol then fireworks on the fourth of july, but when the school board rep. was asked to use the lot at the high school for a designated spot for fireworks it was shot down cold but lets have BREW FEST on school grounds. Lets teach our kids that that is a Lander tradition worth saving.

  4. opinionated says:

    I can understand someones livelyhood but the firework stands are seasonal and only openened for a short period of time. But the fact is there is a water shortage and EVERYWHERE is extremely dry. But people wasting water is pretty rediculous. The car washes should be shut down and closed, That’s pretty sad to on school grounds no fireworks on the parking lot but do a brew fest.

  5. Jane says:

    I know that it is dry. I understand why they are banning them. I just think that we are at more risk now then when they weren’t banned. People are still going to light them off, but instead of doing it saftly they are going to do it as fast as they can, or do it and leave before making sure it went out completly. It was stated that one reason they are banning them is because they wouldn’t have the water to put out fires. If people would stop wasting it we would have had enough water stored.

  6. Dave Minshall says:

    A big disappointment. Surly the very-well equipped Lander Fire Department could deal with any problem caused by the fireworks.

    Come on, folks!. As an FCVHS graduate, I’d remind you, This is Wyoming!

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